Our Services


KDC has developed a list of training tools and products that our experts have delivered across the MENA region. Offered curricula include Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Project Formulation and Proposal Writing, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Local Governance, and Participatory Needs Assessment. We also work with our clients to ensure that the material and training tools are specific to the needs and long term plans of their organization. KDC can also tailor ToT workshops to expose the targeted trainers to the use of specific training packages.

Institutional Strengthening / Capacity Building

KDC has an innovative ‘whole of organizational approach’ that builds on tested systematic interventions to institutional development and reform. The System Evaluation methodology includes an assessment, familiarization, and understanding of the governance and management structures, product and service delivery, and communication strategies of the organization. It is a comprehensive approach that helps organizations to enhance their institutional structures and improve their processes and procedures. KDC also provides mentoring and coaching to the organizations during the implementation of the plan to ensure that results and impacts are achieved.

Additionally, KDC builds on cutting edge methodologies in its approach to team building as a means of institutional strengthening. Through the utilization of interactive models and serious games, KDC enhances synergy and streamlines communication processes among individuals within an organization.


Our special strengths are: 

  • Understanding the organizational culture
  • Assessing the propensity to change
  • Adopting participatory approach at all levels
  • Developing creative solutions to complex problems
  • Sharpening the intervening team’s conflict management skills and avoiding personal involvement
Program and Project Formulation, Development, and Evaluation

Depending on the culture and need of the organization, KDC can design, develop, and evaluate programs utilizing several models. We have experience in working with European methodologies in (Project Cycle Management – PCM) and the North American Results Based Management approach while ensuring respect for regional, local, and cultural specificities. 


These services involve:

  • Building consensus among stakeholders during priority identification and program or project formulation
  • Developing Program/project M&E frameworks and benchmarks
  • Project design and management
Organizational Capacity Assessment / Audit

KDC has developed an organizational assessment and systems audit approach that gives management an understanding of their organizational culture, knowledge, threats and challenges, opportunities, and human resources. This approach is tailored in close coordination with the management and is intended to provide recommendations for corrective measures. KDC strives to provide the best advice to the organizations’ managements, to make the most appropriate decisions, mitigate risk, and reach their potential in an ever changing environment.

Additionally KDC conducts assessments to individuals using Profiles International’s assessment platform to assist management recruit, develop, plan succession, and retain the right leaders that will contribute to improving organizational performance.